Unfair to truckers

Why on earth should drivers be fined when migrants stow away on their lorries?

Some £4 million in “civil penalties” have now been given out, at up to £2,000 per illegal immigrant. This is scandalous. Would a house owner be fined if someone broke into his house?

Curtain-side vehicles can be slit open with a Stanley knife when they are moving, unbeknown to the trucker. Stowaways cling to the chassis or to the roof of trailers.

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Drivers, confronted by armed gangs, fear for their safety and want to avoid stopping at almost any cost. They are the victims not the perpetrators of the crime.

These fines should be waived and the law changed. Trucks should move in convoy with a military escort until the Calais invasion is halted.


Justice Park

Oxton, Berwickshire

I HAVE a question for David Cameron and others who think so-called “British values” must be unquestionably virtuous, exemplary even. Which of those values led the UK to set a target limiting migration into Britain to a fraction of the numbers being accepted by our European neighbours? Are we no longer as compassionate and hospitable as other nations?


Newtyle, Blairgowrie