Unfair faires

My son landed at Edinburgh airport on Wednesday, 10 December at 7:30am from New York, took a bus direct to Waverley Station and booked
a second-class single rail ticket to Newcastle on the 8:30am train. The price was £52.

He then travelled back from Newcastle all the way to Perth, on Friday, again with a single ticket, mid-morning, changing at Edinburgh for £27. He had booked this journey on the internet.

On Monday my daughter’s partner travelled on the 2pm train from Perth to Newcastle, changing at Stirling and Edinburgh.

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He travelled with all the comforts of first class for £37, booking it on the internet because it was cheaper than the second-class fare with one change at 
Edinburgh – also on the 

I know that some small 
allowance is made for travelling off-peak, but the differences in these fares are nothing short of ridiculous.

People have been complaining for many, many years about the inconsistency of rail fares, but can anyone beat this?

W Graham Watson

Spoutwells Drive

Scone, Perthshire