Unfair attack

I feel I must respond to Handsome Scotsman’s comments Scotsman.Com View (9 January).

He says “the NHS in all four countries are bloated nightmares, packed full of overpaid staff achieving very little but accruing giant pension pots at the taxpayers’ vast cost”.

As the husband of someone who has worked in the NHS for 40 years (initially as a nurse, then Sister, and latterly manager), I am witness to the hours she works (a typical working day is 12 hours, with additional work brought home at weekends). The commitment she shows, and what she and her colleagues achieve every day of their working lives is immense.

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I know she is far from unique, and that her colleagues, at all levels, and in all areas of the NHS, will remain committed, despite everything that is thrown at them.

They, at least, can hold their heads high, which is more that can be said for “Handsome Scotsman”, who should be ashamed of himself. Can I perhaps ask what he has achieved in his working life of which he can be proud?


Seaton Sluice