Undercover story

I always thought that the front page of a reputable newspaper was reserved for items of national, or even international importance, so I wondered what appalling tragedy had caused Kim Sears to be “shocked” (front page, 26 January).

It appears that Andy Murray is planning to get married in a kilt – or even a morning suit, he’ll make up his mind on the day (how can we bear the suspense?).

And – giggle, giggle; nudge, nudge – might not wear anything underneath! Whoarr! Bad as that was, it was followed by a statement in bold, block capitals that the FULL STORY would be on page 4.

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The “full story” was an extended repeat of the inanity on the front page, with a picture of the foxy hero. Who exactly is The Scotsman writing for nowadays, if this is regarded as “news”?

Vivienne Stirling

Craigs Grove