Unbiased BBC

The BBC’s Nick Robinson has been cleared of being biased against the SNP.

The BBC’s neutral Editorial Complaints Unit has found that he had been “duly impartial’’ in his account of Alex Salmond’s news conference on 11 September last year.

We are left then with the only conclusion that can be reached: this whole affair, with the clearly orchestrated mob outside BBC Glasgow’s offices in the aftermath, was nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with trying to shut up someone asking awkward questions in the final days before the referendum, as well as laying down a marker for future questioners.

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It is no joke that Mr Robinson was provided with a bodyguard by the BBC.

In light of recent events in Paris, surely the most enthusiastic Nationalist must realise that another’s right to question and have a differing view is sacrosanct.

Shouting down opponents in radio or TV studios, or on the streets, or personal attacks in newspaper letters columns or in cyberspace, is no longer acceptable.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg