Ultimate price

South Korea, Jordan and some US states execute murderers, rightly so in my and, I think, in many others’ opinion.

The Jordanian people have been given some retributive vengeance for the brutality of these medieval Islamists causing untold misery throughout the world.

It is time the so-called civilised nations took a step back and listened to their citizens, who, when asked if capital punishment should be reintroduced come back with a resounding “yes” every time.

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We are being held to ransom by terrorists every day because the liberal lefties and political classes think it distasteful to contemplate the old adage of “an eye for an eye”; it abuses their sensitive ears you know.

You’ll have noticed that religious idiots rave about going to their paradise before being caught trying to be a “martyr”, but when in chains after capture try all they can to stay alive.

Better we send them to their maker and help them achieve that dream of sitting with their pals in their heaven.

Why should the taxpayers be forever stumping up for escalating costs to keep terrorists and murderers in cells and be constantly hounded by their legal representatives for more and more leniency?

If any political party is listening, this would be a vote winner.

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place