Ukip defence

Once more we are party to the self-righteousness of your correspondent Joyce McMillan (Perspective, 30 May).

Whether it is tongue in cheek or not does not matter. What gives her the right to state that anyone who voted for Ukip is guilty of anything other than 
exercising their right to vote?

Just because she is well left of centre it does not give her the moral high ground. It is not Ukip that is dividing the country but the SNP. Whatever the result in September there will be no way of quickly healing the division in Scotland.

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A vote for UKip is a vote for freedom. It is a vote for a retreat from the government of Britain by a bunch of highly paid, 
unelected bods in Brussels who have managed to alienate a huge portion of the population of Europe with their over-control of our lives and businesses.

The SNP seems quite happy with this, but it would be, as this
is just the sort of centralised 
government it espouses.

I am one of the “guilty” and am proud to say so. I am not racist but I do not believe that immigration solves anyone’s problems. At best it simply postpones them.

Our first priority is to look after our own. If we have too many old people then things must change so we can cope with the situation. Bringing in youngsters from abroad is not the answer.

Nor is it the answer to any of our labour shortages.

Far better to take the work where there is a labour force capable of filling the gap and thus helping the other country rather than sapping their youth labour force.

Ian Ross

Eden Lane