UK has prestige

As the day approaches for the referendum on Scottish independence I wish to add my voice, remote as it is, to the 

Frankly, from my experience, independence has been a dismal failure.

There is no “brave new world” out there towards which 
Scotland will set sail as an 
independent state. The European Union is really a very fractured association if the current Ukraine and Syria issues are anything to go by.

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The United Kingdom remains one of the foremost nations of the earth and Scotland is a big part of that.

The prestige inherent in the very term United Kingdom may not be seen by people who live within it, but it does exist.

Many people who are Scottish also have English, Irish and Welsh ancestors, so that you really are one people in every sense of the word on a national level.

The four parts of the United Kingdom are inextricably mixed and it would be a shame and a great loss to the world if this union were dissolved. Stay within the UK Scotland!

Begin the work to make the changes you wish to see in how parliamentary representation is carried out in London if you must, but please do not diminish the great heritage that is your United Kingdom.

Dominic Ganteaume


Trinidad & Tobago

West Indies