UK disadvantage

Holyrood has a climate change fund. It is currently disbursing more than £2.5 million in small packets throughout Scotland. The whole thing seems such a waste in view of our insignificant position in the global warming race.

The big warmers – the United States, China, India etc – should be going full blast to cut back on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, but they are not as they are not prepared to jeopardise their economies in the global competition for supremacy, or to slow down needed societal improvements.

The UK seems to have a European Union agreed requirement to increase its “green” credentials, so is pushing to restrict carbon dioxide emissions by shutting coal-fired power stations, for example, but other European countries are not being so enthusiastic. There is no reason why the UK, and thus we, should go so fast in flagellating ourselves to end up at an economic disadvantage.

Joe Darby


Dingwall, Ross-shire