Turn down tea

I AM not surprised that the drinking of a lot of tea is a health risk (“Cancer link for men who drink tea by the gallon”, your report, 19 June).

In my childhood, only poverty-stricken parents (not mine) adulterated their children’s milk with tea before the age of seven. At seven, already loathing the smell of tea, I refused to drink it and have never drunk it.

When I was 14, the form mistress at our all-girls school, who was arranging an outing, offered us a choice between lemonade and tea. All the healthiest girls chose lemonade. Only the daughters of poor families chose tea.

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Most people eventually accept tea for the sake of politeness, then become hooked on it.

I firmly refuse alcohol too but will accept coffee out of politeness (preferring it decaffeinated and mostly milk).

I am 94, unmedicated and completely self-coping.


McVeagh Street

Huntly, Aberdeenshire

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