Turbine terror

A survey by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland has found that climbers and hill walkers believe that the expansion of wind farms in Scotland is damaging the country’s tourism sector (your report, 18 March)

No doubt this will quickly be denied by the renewables propaganda machine and the Scottish Government as they monotonously do.

The amount of money sloshing around means the wind industry can buy a peer- reviewed study to prove whatever it wants.

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Wind turbines impair sleep – deny it.

Residents leave their homes to sleep in caravans – deny it.

Property values drop when a wind farm project is announced – deny it.

Tourism is affected – deny it.

Birds and bats are killed by turbine blades – deny it.

Green jobs kill off jobs in the real economy – deny it.

The subsidies paid to wind turbine developers increases electricity prices – deny it.

Wind turbines do not reduce CO2 emissions – deny it.

Other countries, including some in the European Union, are abandoning renewables for coal and shale and nuclear to generate cheaper electricity to grow their economies yet First Minister Alex Salmond relies on unreliable and extremely expensive wind turbine electricity.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road