Tuition fee riddle

I am unclear as to whether the current “free” tuition at Scottish universities could continue in an independent Scotland. The Yes campaigners say this policy will continue and this is of course 
superficially attractive to those like me whose children will reach university age in the next few years.

Yet the Yes campaigners also tell us Scotland will continue in the EU. Under EU rules, does the free tuition deal not have to be made available to students from other EU countries?

Would that not mean that post-independence there would be a deluge of English students seeking Scottish university places, as naturally they would prefer the free tuition on offer in Scotland to paying some £9,000 a year in England.

There would then be far, far greater pressure for places at the Scottish universities – and large numbers of Scottish students would lose out while English students would be subsidised by Scottish taxpayers. Can the free tuition continue without 
restricting opportunities for many young Scots?

Sally Armstrong


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