Trump of doom

Kris Gilmartin's article (your report, 1 June) makes hard reading. We are told that a woman riding a horse along an area until recently probably freely accessible to the public, was chased by two heavies in a Jeep and forced to stop, detained against her will until the arrival of two more vehicles and another four heavies, and then subjected to an illegal interrogation.

It beggars belief that the six security guards and the interrogator are working for a commercial organisation endorsed by the First Minister, and the council of one of our principal cities!

What will independence be worth in a country where such behaviour to a citizen – for commercial ends – is tolerated? Will the Grampian Chief Constable be able to take action, or has he been warned off? When will the SNP wake up to how much damage the alliance between the First Minister and the Trump organisation is going to do them at the polls?


Nether Craigwell

Calton Road, Edinburgh

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I find it incredible in this financial climate, that the councillors of Aberdeen City Council, are not biting the hand off Donald Trump for his 1billion golf resort proposal. In fact I would erect a statue to him, like we did in Dunfermline many years ago for Andrew Carnegie.

Think about the construction jobs it will create and the permanent ones later for the people in that area. Forget about the remarks of Lord David Puttnam, veteran film-maker: he has a nice cosy job in the House of Lords and I am quite sure he is not short of a penny.


David Henderson Court

Dunfermline, Fife