True colours

It is good to see “dyed in the wool old Unionist” Dr John Cameron – with whom I have often sparred, in your columns and elsewhere – giving credit to the SNP government for sensible education, NHS etc policies, always capable of improvement but proportionate to our needs and their purse (Letters, 4 May).

He – unlike so many unionists, ranting that England has “spent more” on these recently – recognises that, in Scotland, we have traditionally had higher standards in such matters, therefore measurement of improvements has to be subjective and depends on “where you start from”.

Given such intellectual rigour, perhaps the good doctor would give us his view of the “Better Together/Please Stay” campaign last year, now that Jockophobia and anti-democratic insults are shamelessly out of the closet, preferably before the polls close on Thursday.

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David Roche

Coupar Angus