Trouble in store

British Gas is reportedly planning a price rise that could add £100 to the annual gas bill. (Your report 21 September). This is due to the volatile price fluctuations from foreign suppliers.

The UK has an abysmally low storage capacity of ten to 15 days and so is susceptible to sudden market price rises, which are then passed on to consumers.

Last winter, our gas storage reserves were nearly depleted. Every other country in Europe has far greater storage capacity than the UK. France has more than 99 days’ supply in store and Germany 122 days, so they can absorb price fluctuations more readily.

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The energy suppliers approached the government to ask for incentives to build extra gas storage facilities to even out market volatility and provide fuel security. This was refused.

However, the government is quite happy that billions of pounds are given in subsidies – paid for by electricity consumers – to wind farm developers. No secure energy source here, only expensive electricity. Politicians must surely realise that their green dream is a green nightmare for consumers.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian