Trouble ahead

As I recall, most of the many sports and leisure clubs of which I was a member required at least a 75 per cent vote for any major constitutional change, which of course would have been re-
addressable within a year.

The far more important issue of Scotland’s irrevocable future could be decided by a few spoilt ballot papers.

The irony is that one of Alex Salmond’s major aims, his anointment as Scotland’s first prime minister, is not going to happen.

Remember that Jim Sillars has indicated that there is a plot to oust him after September. This will be easier done with the party still in power so the coup will take place within months, very likely followed by an election resulting in the possible negotiation of independence by a Scottish Government opposed to the very idea.

We have just been reminded of the many years of trauma resulting from independence for Norway and Ireland (Letters, 10 and 11 June), and this in countries that had been overwhelmingly in support of the change.

Scotland’s future is going to be decided on a near 50/50 split which, even worse, will be regionalised, so we could have many problematical years ahead.

(Dr) A McCormick

Kirkland Road