Trident is needed

The horrors in the Algerian desert, if nothing else, should make the people of this country think. To be advocating the removal of Trident from Scotland with the world in its present state verges on madness.

Are those proposing that in the early 21st century, Scotland and its people will be safer cowering under a tattered tartan umbrella and protected by three fishery vessels, really serious?

Or that we will somehow be safe by proclaiming that Scotland is not part of the UK, and is a “wee” friendly country not bothering anyone?

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Does anyone with the ability to think seriously consider that religious extremists and terrorists with access to nuclear ­weapons and eventually the means of delivery would hesitate for a nano-second to attempt to impose by blackmail their religious laws on the West? Or that they care a jot whether Alex Salmond is running affairs in the northern half of Britain?

Only knowing that there would be instant and certain retaliatory obliteration would stop this kind of religious fanaticism. It is not a far-fetched ­scenario. Iran is very close to developing the means and Pakistan, riddled with extremists, already has a nuclear capability.

What is needed to rid the world of these horrible weapons is a multilateral approach, with absolute verification, and this may take many decades.

In the meantime, with the world in such a state, to be appeasing those who would harm us – as was tried with Hitler – and “demanding” the removal of the Trident deterrent from Scotland is nothing short of lunacy.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg