Travellers’ plight

Peter Kinnear (Letters, 5 February) raises useful points in his querying of the roles of Transport Scotland and rail operator First ScotRail.

My experience is that both
organisations are adept at adopting obfuscatory views of the 
reality that passenger misery 
exists on long-distance services because of the inadequacy of Scotland’s trains.

In the real world, these 
narrowest of views are unrealistic. But their adoption means that we, the travellers, are 
victims of Transport Scotland and First ScotRail pigeon-
holing themselves, each separate 
from the other, and from us 

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It’s also unrealistic for First ScotRail to lay so much emphasis on “customer care” (its
frequently used words) when the reality is that we passengers endure long-distance travelling conditions that only a sardine might envy.

Anyone travelling long 
distances on First ScotRail recognises the words “customer care” for their hollowness of ring.

It doesn’t add up, and at the crux of the matter lies Transport Scotland, unelected and uncommunicative.

It is Transport Scotland which ultimately advises MSPs on transport matters, and it is Transport Scotland which lays down the rules to First ScotRail. Transport Scotland is the tail that wags Holyrood.

Time now, with a franchise approaching, for MSPs to take action on the accountability of Transport Scotland.

Meanwhile, First ScotRail could do us passengers a long-owed favour and bark upstairs to Transport Scotland about our plight.

Gordon Casely



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