Travel pollution

I'm not sure how Graham M McLeod (Letters, 21 January) came to the conclusion that I hate cars. I own a car and find it a useful means of transport. For those in rural areas it is often the only viable form of transport. I also use public transport, bicycle and Shanks' pony where each is appropriate or preferable. My concern was Michael Kelly's assertion (Opinion, 16 January) that extra car emissions would have no effect on the environment. Clearly, that is false.

Edinburgh may be a relatively unpolluted city, but anyone who believes there is no pollution should take in the view from the Pentlands on a clear, still day and see the sulphurous yellow film over the city.

I agree with Mr McLeod that all transport pollutes to some extent, some forms more than others, and we all should continue to seek sensible ways to minimise this. No-one should listen to irresponsible voices who claim their personal transport usage has no impact and that they therefore have no personal responsibility for local and global pollution.


Colinton Road