Trams ding-dong

Today, the trams in Edinburgh are at long last due to start taking fares.

Since they will never pay off their debt, never prove worth what we have spent, it is fitting that these elephantine vehicles are painted white.

But the “ding” of their bells does not suit them. They should instead make the “clink-splash” noise of money thrown down the drain.

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George Byron

Comely Bank Avenue


Before Edinburgh councillors indulge in further “no brainer” economic fantasies to extend the single line tram “network” so grossly over budget and years late after years of mismanagement, I suggest they turn their attention to the repair, restoration and
resurfacing of the roads, potholes and pavements in the capital which make driving and walking such a nightmare.

Moreover, better co-ordination of works of the utility 
companies and Scottish Water is required so that the city does not look like a permanent work site.

In parallel, perhaps the council could organise regular, daily rubbish collections from skips, bins and street cleaning/
washing, as in Paris, to clean up the disfiguring litter and black bags spilling over the streets of the capital and the particular disgrace of the musak-ridden, tartan-tat Royal Mile.

Ewen Watt

Dalgety Bay

It was good to see a reasoned discussion about the Edinburgh tram saga from Bertie and Irene (Alexander McCall Smith’s
contribution, 30 May).

However, has anyone else
noticed that the real answer to Edinburgh’s travel problems lies in the small news item on page 14? “Beam me up Scottie” explains that a Dutch scientist is claiming that teleportation will be the means of getting from A to B in the future, as “there is no fundamental law of physics preventing it”.

It’s a quick, cheap and green means of travel, with (presumably) no traffic jams, so what’s not to like? Perhaps Professor McCall Smith could encourage scientific exploration into the concept by bringing it into his next story of 44 Scotland Street.

(Dr) Mary Brown

Dalvenie Road


Yes, they’ve cost a fortune, and yes, the promised “network” is a mere “line”.

But I am quite excited about the trams. There, I said it.

Angela Innes

Dundas Street