Toxic legacy

It astonishes me that the Labour Party would wish Tony Blair to have anything to do with its election campaign. I would have seen his involvement as toxic rather than helpful.

And as for his comments on Ed Miliband standing firm and ignoring the demands of the people for an EU referendum, how is that helpful to the campaign to highlight a future prime minister’s refusal to listen to the electorate?

Is the Labour Party really that desperate or naive to enlist the help of someone in Britain who is about as popular as the poll tax in Scotland?

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How dare Tony Blair comment on Europe and say that a referendum would cause economic chaos after the chaos he caused by opening the doors of this country to a floodgate of European immigrants in 2004 and driving housing, education and health services to breaking point?

He needs to crawl back under his stone. He has had his chance of being prime minister and made a mess of it.

Gordon Kennedy