Tory greed

The attempt by the 100 donors to try to blackmail the electorate into voting Tory was reminiscent of the old barons who controlled rotten boroughs or the mill owners who told their employees how to vote.

The Tories have presided 
over a massive transfer of wealth from working people to the 

This has been done by pumping hundreds of billions of pounds into the economy through quantitative easing while at the same time cutting social provisions and welfare spending through austerity.

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The Tory “recovery” these fat cats spoke of is exclusively for the 1 per cent.

The 100 “businessmen” could have spoken out against the reprehensible fact that one million people are reliant on food banks or the fact that 700,000 are on zero-hours contracts.

The only thing that concerned these rich men was making sure that the tax on their profits and income made through exploitation continued to be lowered.

In order that the rich won’t have to pay more the Tories propose to slash payments to carers, the disabled and families with children.

The proposed benefits cuts are part of plans to eliminate £12 billion from welfare, announced by Chancellor George Osborne in his March pre-election budget.

The measures equate to a £1,500 cut for 8 million households over just two years, up to 2017-18.

The Tories govern exclusively for the rich. They simply don’t care about anyone who can’t give massive donations.

Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace