Tory disrespect

If I am not mistaken, Westminster enjoys full fiscal autonomy:, yet we do not hear cries of it costing each tax payer X thousands of pounds.

But, should Scotland have full fiscal autonomy like any other responsible government, then there will be, shock horror, a black hole in our funds which will cost each tax payer £5,000?

If I have understood it correctly, it is Westminster’s financial black hole that is the cause of all this austerity which the Chancellor is trying to plug with funds raised from cuts to benefits.

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And the other sleight of hand is that tax payers are to lose £2 billion by the early sale of RBS shares at a low price to allow the financial fat cats to buy cheap and sell on the price rise to increase their fortunes.

I am a simple fellow, but there seems something wrong in the Tory’s respect for the general election results.

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Brian Rattray

Gylemuir Road

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