Tory betrayal

Last September many people warned of the consequences if Scotland voted No. People were advised that the most likely outcome of voting No would be a minimum of five years of rapacious, austere Tory rule.

Specific warnings were given that the Tories were going to gut benefits for working poor in order to transfer wealth to the 1 per cent, also that the Tories were planning to outlaw the right to strike.

The Budget, and the Tories’ attack on the right to strike, vindicates those warnings.

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The Tory plans for ballot thresholds are pure hypocrisy. If the same were to apply to general election no government would ever be formed.

The Tories got in government with the support of not even a quarter of all registered voters in the UK.

The government is also intent on removing legal restrictions on using agency workers to replace strikers.

The Labour Party have paid the biggest price for their 

Proving there is no honour amongst thieves, the Tories are going to cut off all Labour’s funding through the political levy.

This on top of losing all but one of their Scottish MPS.

By the end of this parliament the full extent of Labour’s betrayal will be shown.

The Tories have vetoed any meaningful powers promised for Holyrood and Scotland will be ripped from the EU against her will.

Finally, there will be a Greek -style economic crash brought about by the Tory policy of overheating the housing market in order to buy votes in the south of England.

Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace