Tory attacks

Political pundits have been pondering the Scottish phenomenon, as I have since the Scottish referendum and the subsequent rise of the Nationalists.

I have come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is a form of Nationalistic mass hysteria. The current SNP leader has whipped up a fever based on 
extreme left-wing policies and her own hatred of “The Tories” and, in particular, Margaret Thatcher.

One of Ms Sturgeon’s repeated mantras is that “Scotland’s voice should be heard”.

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Surely it was heard loud and clear when the UK Parliament had two Scottish Prime Ministers and two Scottish Chancellors, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown having a dual role, and Alistair Darling. The financial catastrophe which they left behind is one of the reasons that I have been a life-long Tory.

My mother’s advice before my first vote back in the 1960s was that the Tories always clear up Labour’s mess. This advice has proved to be correct several times since.

Ms Sturgeon’s rather skewed version of political history takes no account of the beleaguered state of the British and in particular the Scottish economy before Mrs Thatcher came to power.

She clearly takes no account of the fact that her own policies have been tested many times before and failed.

I worry for our country, which has become an unhappy and divided place, when the leader of a party can spit out the name “Tories” in a manner which prefixing any other group would not be tolerated in our society.

Hopefully Ms Sturgeon will be found out before she does irreparable damage to Scotland and to the United Kingdom.

Jane Ball