Topless outrage

Just a week ago, your leader column (15 January) outlined why The Scotsman would not be reproducing any controversial cartoons from the Charlie Hebdo magazine, which feature depictions of the Prophet Mohammed.

Quite reasonably, in my opinion, you argued: “It does not follow that in supporting the right to be offensive, this newspaper itself must be offensive. Because, let us be clear, mainstream Muslim opinion around the globe, including here in Scotland, is offended by depictions of the Prophet.”

Your decision to publish a topless picture of Linda Lusardi in yesterday’s edition – presumably in full knowledge that mainstream female opinion around the globe, including here in Scotland, is offended by the crass objectification of women – is therefore baffling.

Daniel Smith

Montrose Terrace


So The Sun has decided not to have topless women on page 3 any more – but instead to replace them with swimsuits and lingerie.

Some years ago I read of a research study some academics had carried out and whose bottom line was “men are turned on more quickly by semi-clothed women than by naked women”.

As if we needed a university-level study to tell us that.

I’m not saying I’ve done this but I suspect if one had a glance through “top shelf” magazines we’d notice that very few of those women are actually completely undressed – they are semi-clothed.

These people – photographers, editors, publishers etc – are not stupid. They know what to do to make their product sell, to make it addictive.

Let’s not be taken in by what the Sun is doing. Let’s not now afford it a veneer of respectability, or credit it with making a great concession to decency. It is really conceding nothing at all. It is a cynical and self-serving pig in a poke.

Neil A Thomson

Wester Drylaw Park


I was appalled to open yesterday’s Scotsman and find a mock-up of a Sun page 3 on the your page 3, complete with topless model. Was this really necessary?

I was embarrassed to be seen reading the paper in my lunch break at work and quickly turned over to page 5. Shame on you, Scotsman.

Val Kelly

Little France Crescent


Many thanks for your introduction of page 3 (Scotsman, 21 January) in the delightful form of a near-nude Linda Lusardi, albeit pinched from the Sun.

Quite made my day – keep it up! (no pun intended). It certainly took the edge off the tiresome feud between Stan Grodynski and Colin Hamilton.

DJ Hollingdale

Easter Park Drive


On the day that The Sun removes topless photographs of pretty women from its page 3, The Scotsman adopts them. Well done: I do so love those who swim against the stream.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road