Too much Nicola

I am concerned that on Friday and Saturday last week your front pages featured photographs of the First Minister in non-political situations.

The photo-calls might have local interest, but, to me, they are certainly not front-page news.

I am reminded of when we lived in Karachi in 1975, and almost every day the front page of the English language daily printed government propaganda masquerading as “news” – speeches, photo-calls, the lot.

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All of it usually incorporated the statement “under the dynamic leadership of prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto”.

We particularly treasured a photograph of the minister of transport inaugurating a traffic light, and a report of a state visit when, according to the report, “thousands in the crowd burst spontaneously”.

I do hope that The Scotsman is not being subjected to any pressure to continue publishing front page photographs of Ms Sturgeon doing ordinary 

It could smack of government propaganda. Heaven forbid!

David Gerrard

Spylaw Park