Too late, Jim

I write in response to your editorial, “Murphy’s ‘mug London’ strategy might backfire”, and Stan Grodynski’s letter about Jim Murphy’s habit of “producing seemingly attractive sound bites” of non-issues (both 7 January), but which are deliberate diversions from the real Westminster issues of social justice, tax evasion for the rich and austerity for the poor, Trident’s £100 billion replacement, and support for America’s policy of “full-spectrum dominance”, dragging us into foreign wars Murphy supports.

In particular, I am one of Jim Murphy’s 190,000 who voted Yes, but am a member of the Green Party, not the SNP.

I have always voted Labour unless there is a Green candidate but this time I shall be voting SNP. The Labour Party in Scotland has forfeited its place by quitting its historical mission in a move to the right and abandoning the trade union movement – except for its money.

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It is the Green Party, the SNP and the socialists who are moving Scotland towards a better and fairer country.

Labour is now only interested in fighting the Tory marginals in south-east England by keeping Blair’s conservative policies. Jim, you are too late to pretend otherwise.

Ray Newton

Buckstone Way


Stan Grodynski has not let the grass grow under his feet before using the apparent opening of the general election campaign to make a highly personal attack on Jim Murphy.

Like Mr Grodynski, but I suspect for different reasons, I do not like Mr Murphy’s policies but that does not mean that I am entitled to attack the Labour leader personally.

I don’t like most things Nicola Sturgeon stands for but she is an elected politician and the First Minister of my country and thus deserves respect.

There was too much personal nastiness during the referendum campaign and I would but hope and implore all those taking an active part in the current political scene to think about being positive and not attacking others just because they hold different views.

Mr Grodynski is correct in stating that the electorate is better informed than ever – that in itself is likely to make personal attacks anathema and counter-productive. It is a privilege to be able to comment in a free press – something not open to many in the world. Let us not abuse it.

(Dr) Roger I 

Turretbank Place