How interesting to read (your report, September 26) that SNP MSP Fiona Hyslop joined with representatives of other parties to speak in favour of continued membership of the EU at the Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate. She shared a platform not only with Labour and the Liberal Democrats but also – did I read correctly? – Conservative MEP Ian Duncan.

She should, of course, be commended for having the integrity to put aside party differences on a matter of shared principle, but I do wonder how this squares with the SNP’s endless denigration of the Labour party for its similar principled decision to campaign with the Tories on a single issue during the referendum campaign.

Is it not time that the SNP adopted a coherent approach and ceased at least this one of their many mantras, now that they have shown their own togetherness with the Tories on one issue of huge importance – somewhat ironically, that of remaining within a union?

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue