To be Trumpeted

Rather than ridicule the proffered hand of friendship from Donald Trump (as in the Scotsman cartoon, 3 July) a positive approach should be taken.

Donald Trump, the new owner of Turnberry Golf Course, has said he will fight future wind farm offshore development in the Clyde.

At the moment (it is rumoured) there is no such development because the Ministry of Defence needs clear access up and down the Firth for its accident-prone submarines.

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However, when the blight of nuclear vessels is removed from the area the risk would disappear.

If Donald Trump wishes to protect his investment he should buy Prestwick Airport from the Scottish Government and make it into the international hub it should be (and would have been without the recalcitrance of Westminster, which wanted Heathrow, blocked Prestwick, and let Amsterdam take the spoils).

There would also be the benefit to clients of the golf courses and hotels of having good transport connections.

As a major employer and landowner he would then be in a good position to resist wind farms in an extensive area of the Firth.

Susan FG Forde

Main Street

Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire