Tired Labour

Peter Jones’s article, “Salvation in being Union-minded” (Perspective, 19 May) lists many of the reasons for the Labour Party’s decline in Scotland, as well as possible solutions.

Technically he could well be right. But the stark truth is that the party is like a neglected and clapped-out old car, which in 
theory at least is repairable.

But with a brand new model standing, fully licensed and insured, much more economical to run, without a history of near write-offs in its past and with a competent young driver at the wheel, who but a few political anoraks is interested in trying to get the clapped-out old model back on the road?

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The inhabitants of modern Scotland have moved on a lot from that introspective, angst-ridden brand of politics of a century ago and we better get used to it.

Irvine Inglis