Time to reflect

AT CHRISTMAS, some of us find ourselves in pleasant circumstances with loving family around us, and we need to remember how fortunate we are for others who find themselves in difficult or sad situations. I find myself humbled by reports of those who give of their time and resources to relieve the pain and suffering of others, particularly at this time of year.

I am thankful, too, for the wonder of the child born 2,000 years ago; the child who was God in human form, who came to save us (whoever we are, and whatever our circumstances) from our sin, our brokenness. A God who crosses eternity and comes to where we are; who lives and experiences all of life and death. Now, is that not a God worth trusting?

The shepherds of old said to each other: “Let’s get over to Bethlehem and see what God has revealed to us.” It is well worth taking time, even a few minutes, this Christmas to let our minds take us to Bethlehem to see the Son of God. And, like the shepherds and wise men, reflect, wonder and be thankful.

Alasdair H B Fyfe

Mearns Road
Clarkston, Glasgow