Tieless leaders left looking lost

ON VIEWING the G8 gang on photoshoot parade in Northern Ireland, I was struck as to how awkward the world leaders appeared to be with their open-necked shirts. Could this be called Uneasy Without Tie syndrome?

As I see it, UWT is displayed by male politicians and is characterised by an ungainly, shuffling stance in front of cameras, as if the sufferers are somewhat lost without the support of a necktie. In fact UWT may be a distant relation of the dad dancing phenomenon reported in the previous week’s Scotland on Sunday.

I presume the intent of not dressing as they normally would is to underline the casual, relaxed atmosphere of the talks while they attempt to sort out Syria and the rest of the world’s problems. Maybe next time the organisers should issue G8 T-shirts so that the guys (and gal) could really get to grips with things.

Ian Anderson, Glasgow