Ticking clock

Gordon Brown may have his father’s moral compass but his ability to slip something toxic into what looked on the surface like a good idea is one of his least attractive traits.

His insanely short timetable for the delivery of a raft of increasingly complex devolutionary powers has made many of us wish he had remained in purdah last September.

Like many unionists I am not opposed to extra powers such as provincial air passenger duty but greater devolution within Scotland is of much greater importance.

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In addition, Holyrood’s lack of scrutiny under the SNP was a scandal, a Scottish Office for Budget Responsibility is essential and a Scottish rate of income tax is can of worms.

Above all, with fewer than 15,000 people likely to pay the top rate of income tax who or what is going to cover the £5 billion worth of Peronist excesses promised by Nicola Sturgeon?

(Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews