This land is yours

It is somewhat ironic that the 
nobility, who have dominated land ownership, consider that community right to buy has “no place in a democratic system” (your report, 1 August).

Having land ownership dominated by so few people is 
certainly undemocratic. How they obtained ownership was certainly not democratic, as much of it involved violence, illegal acts or patronage.

They try to justify their position by suggesting that they provide employment, but it is dependent on their decision-making, some of it self-serving and flawed.

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Community-owned land can provide more employment and not use land just for the benefit of a few, usually London-based, people.

They also forget to mention that, like the companies recently vilified for tax avoidance, they “forget” to pay their moral share of tax by using family trusts, shell companies and other means to avoid paying a similar proportion of their income in tax as the local serfs.

It is unbelievable in the 21st century, when we have almost universal suffrage and a modern education system, that a few 
imperialists seem to think they have a right to rule.

A modern independent Scotland should be a model of equality with its land belonging to those who live on it.

There is no place for Downton Abbey dinosaurs.

Bruce D Skivington


Gairloch, Wester Ross