Things on the up

I WAS intrigued at how masterfully Joe Darby undermined his attack on comments I had made in a letter to The Scotsman on 14 March by the use of hyperbolic terms such as “vilification” and “bombast” (Letters, 15 March). To reprise, my point was that I felt Mr Darby had joined a cacophony of doomsayers who seem to actually enjoy promoting negative data about Scotland in their desperation to support the No vote.

In fairness to Mr Darby, his letter outlines many positive things about the creativity, inventiveness and commercial nous and capability of the citizens of Scotland that make a pretty good case for voting Yes.

And I note that Mr Darby has revised upwards his estimate on how long Scotland’s oil will last from “the oil will run down to very little in just a couple of decades” to saying that the oil “will surely decline over a few short decades”. So there you have it, things are looking up already.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street


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