There is no God

The continual nipping at the pelt of the SNP over its failure to attend a church service of reconciliation after the referendum must be met head on.

There is no God, there never was a God and there never will be a God.

It doesn’t matter how many copies of religious books you print and distribute in starving Third World countries to claim your place in the Guiness Book of Records, it will not bring into existence something that never was, is or will be.

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The reconciliation service was an attempt by a previously influential but shrinking social group to grab a bit of the action it had so far been denied – I’m so thankful of the fact that the separation debate had been, in public, largely a religion-free area until then.

The last thing this country (or any other) needs is people who believe in imaginary beings seeking influence over politicians or political arguments.

What next? Consulting those who believe in fairies over the routes of the A9?

The SNP officers who failed to attend the bizarre religious “reconciliation” rite were not being hypocritical; they were being logical, realistic and honest.

The hypocrites were those 
on the other sides, who attended simply because they were 
already courting the religious vote: God will punish them for that.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road


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