The blame game

I am aware that the word “hypocrite” is deemed to be language unfit for parliament, but your headline, “‘Name and shame’ the tax dodgers, say MPs” (19 February), surely quotes one of the most hypocritical utterances made by any MP.

Our representatives in parliament consider themselves to be “special” and do not pay many of the taxes imposed on us ordinary mortals.

Until such time as they 
realise they are not the only 
people required to work away from home, that they are not special cases, and there is no moral or any other justification for their special tax arrangements, they have forfeited the right to sit in judgment of other people and organisations who find ways around the ludicrously lax tax laws drafted by the
parliament in which they sit.

Donald Carmichael

Orchard Court

East Linton

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How much more hypocritical can our MPs get? The people and companies who successfully avoid tax are doing so in accordance with the law of the land.

It is the MPs’ responsibility to make the law.

Therefore it is parliament’s 
responsibility if these laws are ineffective or unfair.

How dare they try to put the blame on others?

Alasdair Macleod

Craigmillar Castle Avenue