Thanks, nuclear

Next month sees the 50th anniversary of the Ben Cruachan pumped hydro scheme.

We may remember that not so long ago, that avowed anti-nuclear zealot, Alex Salmond, was singing the praises of this facility. We may also note that it was built not as a primary energy generator but a storage system for the off-peak energy produced by our nuclear power stations!

I thought that our electricity generation was now entirely in private ownership, so am grateful to Councillor Butler (Letters, 26 September) for informing me that fuel poverty is largely due to the UK Government “spending billions on new nuclear power stations”.

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Most of us who actually 
know something about energy production would be more 
inclined to think that it was largely due to failure to invest in new nuclear energy a decade or so ago.

Indeed, when Longannet closes next year and it is lack of supply, as much as cost, which will be the problem, then we will be more than ever grateful that our two aged nuclear stations are still in operation.

Dr A McCormick

Kirkland Road

Terregles, Dumfries