Telling portrait of Tory tragedy

I WISH to congratulate Gerald Warner (Strictly Speaking, 26 May) on his honest appraisal of the tragic state of the Conservative Party in Scotland over two decades, which came about due to the erosion of Christian/Conservative principles of its leaders at Westminster and Edinburgh.

It was not long before the Conservatives were ensconced with the other worthless rogues at Holyrood and enjoying all the trappings but failing to inspire confidence among the Scottish electorate, as one witnessed their dismal performance in the debating chamber and their aspirations to rob the taxpayers with inflated salaries and expenses.

The death rattle could be heard as thousands of Conservatives deserted the party from 1997 onwards as the Scottish Executive overruled the wishes of the Scottish People over Clause 28 and, in unity with their English counterparts, determined to remain as a member of the Godless European Union.

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The hapless leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, and Murdo Fraser, a failed leadership candidate, have the temerity to advocate devolving further fiscal powers to Holyrood which we fear will eventually result in the break-up of the United Kingdom.

David Cameron’s socialist and liberal convictions are at odds with the Conservative grassroots as he puts forward his agenda to legislate on homosexual marriages and thus destroy the one thing that stabilises society – the family and marriage. By the time of the next General Election, the Conservative Party will be a feeble body with a malady that is terminal and long past resuscitation. I along with many will weep at the demise of this once great party due to the treachery of Cameron and his willing accomplices.

Evelyn Pelosi, Edinburgh