Tech start-ups

I very much welcome the news in Scott Reid’s article, “Silicon Glen’s tech start-up figures set the heather alight” (Business, 2 February), that the number of Scottish tech start-ups continues to grow at such a rapid rate.

This certainly matches our experience in relation to growth as almost three-quarters of firms look to transform their IT functions to embrace big data and cloud computing.

Yes, Scotland has fertile ground for start-ups, with world-class universities and a low cost of business, but we can’t rely on those traditional strengths into the future.

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The UK National Audit Office has reported it could take up to 20 years to address the IT skills gap that has developed.

If bridging that gap becomes a priority of government at all levels, Scotland will have a third feather in its hat for hosting a thriving tech sector, and 
political leaders will be able to boast of delivering a diversified economy supporting
high-skilled, high-wage job growth.

Martin Brown


Almondvale Way


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