Taxing subject

With regard to Scotland, May’s general election is the SNP’s to lose.

The Conservatives are toxic here because the people are opposed to a government that cares for only an elite few.

It has taken time since the death of “Old Labour” for many supporters to realise that their party now intends to proceed on the same principle as the Conservatives: austerity rules, for the vast multitude, but not for the super rich.

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Any accountant worth his salt will advise his clients on how they can avoid tax; that is their function. But it should be the function of the government to stay well ahead of the smartest accountants.

Instead of hassling Joe Taxpayer to get his income tax return in on time, the Inland Revenue should be clamouring for all tax loopholes to be closed, permanently.

Greek shipping magnate ­Aristotle Onassis used to boast that he never paid any income tax. How many plutocrats have since joined his club?

If a country allows individuals the opportunity to amass a ­fortune, the country’s fiscal ­system should ensure that a fair portion of that fortune is returned to the Exchequer in tax.

Joseph G Miller

Gardeners Street