Tattoo question

My WIFE and I, senior citizens of many years standing made our first visit to the Edinburgh Tattoo and were very impressed by the event from the start when we encountered the queueing and entry arrangements where we were greeted by friendly police and young persons with a friendly good evening, shown to our seats and on our departure we were sent on our way with a smile and goodnight from more young persons with not a bouncer in sight.

The performance was very entertaining and colourful and we had to give full credit to all the performers who put on a wonderful show in horrible conditions with rain, cold and strong wind. On leaving we were impressed by the lack of rubbish left behind by the customers with almost none to be seen.

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Overall, it was a wonderful experience but I am sure the Union flag, in full view of all, flying at the castle end of the esplanade, was inverted throughout and I wondered if there was an official reason for this or could it simply be a mistake by one of the staff. I am sure one of your readers will put me right.

David T Rickard

Bard’s Lea