Talk of the Town: For you spoof tram video the war is over

THE tram project has many critics, but it appears one of the most famous has now been silenced.

A popular spoof video broadcast on YouTube delighted in showing Adolf Hitler berating the controversial scheme.

The four-minute clip, which had been watched by thousands of disgruntled residents, was a re-worked scene from German film Downfall so the Fuhrer was ranting and raving about the state of the pavements, the cost of the works and their benefits in the long run.

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But those looking to have a chuckle at the anti-tram tirade can click no more: the clip has now been removed by owner Constantin Film on grounds of copyright.

Higher prices fit the bill for drumming up business

AN OLD Town chef reckons he's hit on a winning formula to attract more customers to his restaurant – putting his prices up.

The Glasshouse Off the Mile, on St Giles' Street, thought that people were being put off dining because the cost of its dishes were too cheap.

After bumping up the prices, new bookings have apparently soared by more than 30 per cent. Owner and head chef Steven Adair said: "The best thing is, not one customer has complained about the new prices." Well, not yet they haven't.

Shower stunt won't wash

FROM one piece of marketing "genius" to another which seems unlikely to wash with the Edinburgh public.

A PR firm keen to jump on the World Cup bandwagon got in touch, excited that their client's newest product would appeal to "patriotic Evening News footy fans".

They seem sure folk in the Capital will be rushing to snap up their limited-edition electric shower designed to look like . . . an England flag. Not that we at Talk of the Town are still bitter at Scotland's failure to make South Africa, but whoever designed that marketing campaign deserves an early bath.

This latest advice stinks

THERE has been much speculation over the past week about what health implications the volcanic dust cloud could have for people in Scotland.

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Warnings have been issued to some who suffer from respiratory conditions that they may be mildly affected by the plume.

And now Health Protection Scotland has offered more advice on what to sniff out for. Should anyone smell "rotten eggs" in the air "they may wish to limit their activities outdoors or return indoors".

That is not news to long-suffering Leith residents, of course, but at least now we know the real cause of the Seafield stench – it was volcanic ash all along.