Talk of the Town: Smile! We're the happiest in Britain

THE past few years have brought Edinburgh residents never-ending tram works, a collapse in the banking sector, and a nose-diving housing market.

But despite it all, a new survey suggests the city's residents are the happiest people in Britain – and even happier than they were five years ago.

The study by insurance group Aviva suggests that 79 per cent of Capital residents are happy with their lot, up from 72 per cent five years ago.

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The most commonly cited "happiness factors" by city residents are having enough money to pay for essentials, good health and a secure family life.

So what's happened to all the tramworkers, bankers and builders?

Well, they've not been forgotten by the survey – it says 26 per cent of Edinburghers feel undervalued or unappreciated.

More bounce to the ounce as hopping record tumbles

A YOUNG Edinburgh woman is set for a place in the book of Guinness World Records after recording the fastest-ever mile on a space hopper.

Hanna Miedema, 26, set a time of 26 minutes and 49 seconds during her attempt in Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline at the weekend.

"The existing record was 43 minutes 9 seconds, so I beat it by a good margin.

"I'm really happy with my time and confident that it's not too easy to break now.

"Hopefully it will stand for a while, but I'm ready to defend it, if I need to," she said. An earlier attempt in The Meadows failed when her space hopper burst.

In a climate of celebration

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REMINISCENCES on the 40th anniversary of Meadowbank Stadium have brought to mind an incident after the opening ceremony for the 1986 Commonwealth Games – held on a wet July evening.

Retiring to the media centre from the main arena, a visiting journalist was heard to remark to a Canadian colleague on the brilliantly organised pageant they had just witnessed.

"Yes" replied the Canadian "but if Scotland are going to host the Games why don't they do it in summer?"

Sound choice for new shop

SHANDWICK Place bore the full brunt of tram works with jackhammers and heavy machinery a constant annoyance until work ground to a halt – so you would expect traders to go a bit deaf.

Help is at hand, though. The latest addition to the street is to be hearing aid dealerAmplifon, which is set to open in the former Happit store.