Talk of the Town: Rough-and-tumble tales of Turnbull

EDDIE Turnbull's funeral service was a great opportunity for friends old and new to exchange stories about the Hibs legend.

As they filtered in and out of Mansfield Traquair, former players from his Aberdeen and Hibs days shared amusing tales and anecdotes about the man they call Mr Hibs.

Former Radio Forth DJ Bill Barclay recalled sustaining an injury at the behest of Turnbull when he was manager at Easter Road. He'd gone down to cover a press event for the station.

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He recalled: "Eddie called me over and told me to get a strip on and have a kickabout with the lads. I went for it and, after about a minute on the field, Tony Higgins shoulder-charged me, knocking me right to the ground, I was in agony for ages.

"I'm sure Eddie put him up to that."

What's the Big idea for former social work HQ?

IT'S all change at the former social work department building, Shrubhill House, on Leith Walk.

The shell of the building remains derelict and graffiti-covered years after it was emptied, but now someone has put up a sign of their own suggesting a possible use.

They have printed and erected a black-and-white sign, complete with Westminster's Crowned Portcullis logo, with the words "Big Society Headquarters".

It seems that when it come's to Prime Minister David Cameron's grand plan, everyone's a critic.

Reflection of self esteem

IT MAY be the favourite pastime of most women, but it appears spending time in front of the mirror is a display of self-harm more than vanity.

A survey carried out by Bach has shown 90 per cent of Lothian women in their 40s are unhappy at what they see in the reflection.

They blame the demise of youth and an obsession with the fashion industry for feeling blue about their image.

Life on the political stage

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THEY say life imitates art, and that seems to be the case for new Edinburgh Central MSP, Marco Biagi.

The newly-elected Mr Biagi had a starring role at The Roxy Art House last year when he appeared in the Holyrood Amateur Theatrical Society's production of McGrotty and Ludmilla - as aspiring politician Mungo McGrotty.

Let's hope the part was good preparation for his slightly unexpected election last week.

Whether his life follows that of McGrotty all the way remains to be seen - we're told the character eventually became Prime Minister.