Talk of the Town: Lost masterpiece was just hanging

CRITICS of modern art will be chuckling at news that two new works by 20th-century artist Man Ray have been uncovered in time to join the National Galleries of Scotland's Surrealists exhibition.

The two masterpieces were found by art collector Antony Penrose in his attic. One, a painting, had simply been hidden amongst art materials, but the other, an installation called Obstruction, had been overlooked for more pragmatic reasons.

The mobile, made out of wooden coathangers, had been stored in a box, as Penrose explained: "When my wife and I were setting up home we found this cardboard box of lovely coathangers so we started to use them. We did so for many years.

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But I could never understand why they had holes drilled in them.

"Suddenly, one day the penny dropped. So I had to go around all our cupboards picking them out, reassembling them."

Red alert! Go green - before it's too late

GETTING the "Green" message across to a sometimes disinterested public can be a thankless task at times, so it's no surprise to see shock tactics used on occasion.

It looked as though green-energy company Solar Power Scotland had resorted to the hard sell this week with an appeal to Edinburgh residents to make their home eco-friendly - before it's too late!

The warning turns out to have nothing to do with the shrinking polar ice caps however - it's just a handy reminder that the government's offer to cover 30 per cent of the cost of installing a renewable heating system in your home is about to run out on July 23.

Eminem loses himself

RAPPER Eminem was, by all accounts, a huge hit at T in the Park on Saturday night. It's just as well he indulged the audience with a storming set, or there could have been mutiny in the fields of Balado.

After arriving on stage late, he carelessly greeted the restless crowd: "Hello, Edinburgh . . ."

Cybervicar's pilgrimage

SIMON Tibbs, assistant curate at Old St Paul's Scottish Episcopal Church in Jeffrey Street, has completed his 350-mile pilgrimage to Norfolk to raise money for his church's restoration fund and Christian Aid.

But that wasn't the Anglican priest's only achievement.

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In an era when churches strive to prove themselves up-to-date, Rev Tibbs has done his bit for the cause, posting so many Tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook updates about his journey that he was dubbed "The Cyber-Priest" by followers.

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