Talk of the Town: It's a net gain, or net loss, at Canny Man's

IT is perhaps best known for having the strictest admission policy of any pub in Edinburgh.

Morningside's Canny Man's pub famously advertises that no backpackers or credit cards are accepted on its premises.

On the brass sign at the entry, it also states no mobile phones or cameras are allowed to be used on site. So it comes as a surprise that management there seem to be abandoning this anti-technology stance.

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A sign inside the pub now boasts of free wi-fi for customers.

Choir on Arthur's Seat was summit special

WALKERS who battled their way to the top of Arthur's Seat were rewarded with more than just the usual spectacular views on Wednesday afternoon.

An overseas choir treated onlookers to an impromptu performance of The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond and Amazing Grace while sat on the summit.

Their unexpected show was greeted with applause from a slightly bemused but appreciative audience.

Talk of the Town's man on the summit said: "If a choir burst into song every time I reached the top of a hill, I'd maybe be persuaded to do more walking."

Pack up your barbecues

IT may still be near the height of what passes for summer here in Scotland, but it seems the seasons have moved on in Morningside and Comely Bank.

The city's two Waitrose stores are seeing traditional winter warmers, such as gravy, canned soups and frozen Yorkshire puddings flying off the shelves, leaving sales of bangers for the barbecue firmly in the shade.

Marianne Robson of Waitrose says: "This time last year our customers were hosting barbecues and al fresco parties, but it certainly seems that picnic carpets and wintry feasts are now the order of the day."

What a lot of bottle

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YOU have to feel for councillors and council workers. They used to be renowned for their lavish expenses and corporate hospitality but that is all gone now in these tough financial times when there is so much scrutiny of every pound of public money that is spent.

But it seems they have not lost the knack of snapping up a freebie if it's on offer.

In recent days, thousands of bottles of Mountain Dew energy drink have been handed out to Festival-goers near the entrance to the City Chambers. And everywhere you look within the old council building is one of the distinctive lime green bottles. They must be buzzing.