Talk of the Town: Fencing a sad sight for the Rasta Tramp

AMID the anonymous bustle of the city, it is always nice to see the odd heart-warming sign of humanity.

On Leith Walk, one of those signs is the hospitality and warmth extended by local residents and businesses to the gentleman often known as "the Rasta Tramp".

With his long, grey dreadlocks and quiet, thoughtful demeanour, he is a familiar sight in cafes and bus stops along the Walk, and even has Facebook sites set up by his fans.

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For some time he has made his home in an alcove at the side of Majestic Wine. Many businesses would be reluctant to host such an unconventional neighbour, and it seemed wonderfully big-hearted and accommodating of the shop to turn a blind eye and let him be.

So it was hard not to feel a twinge of sadness on seeing that the one little corner he called home has now been fenced off, its former resident, possessions in bags at his feet, standing forlornly next to it.

Sir Sean hoping to cause a stir in Scottish animashun

IT has been nearly four years since his retirement but Sir Sean Connery is proving you Never Say Never Again by agreeing to tackle a new film role.

The acting legend has provided the voice of the title character in the animation film, Sir Billi, Scotland's first full-length CGI feature.

The character of the kilted skateboarding vet bears a striking resemblance to the former 007, who is also executive producer.

The story sees Sir Billi attempting to save a fugitive beaver from villainous police and powerful lairds.

Sir Sean, 79, said: "Sir Billi is truly a first-class film, with an exceptional cast, and is sure to delight audiences of all ages."

The magic of the election

EDINBURGH South Labour candidate Ian Murray was hoping for some Harry Potter-style magic when he went canvassing the other night.

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The same day that William Hague and Annabel Goldie went on an 11-stop helicopter Tory campaign tour of Scotland, Mr Murray tweeted: "labourdoorstep in merchiston 2night. Jk Rowling lives here. I wonder if I could borrow a Hogwarts magic broom to catch up with Tory chopper."

Ms Rowling is a Labour supporter and friend of PM's wife Sarah Brown - but it was revealed in December that she had moved to the north-west part of the city, outside Mr Murray's patch.

Snooping around with SuBo

THERE are plenty of contenders for the coveted title of "Most Bizarre Musical Duet", just look at Eminem and Elton John.

Now it has been suggested that local singing sensation Susan Boyle is to perform a duet with controversial rapper Snoop Dogg.

He said: "She's a great artist. I'm looking forward to going into the studio with her."