Tale of two cities

The report on the quango “Creative Scotland” (my parenthesis) leaving the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh facing an uncertain future (19 September), warns that Edinburgh is lagging behind Glasgow when it comes to venues suitable for “high quality” music.

As anyone who knows both cities well and therefore what each has to offer and where they offer it, Glasgow is miles ahead when it comes to all levels of cultural provision and involvement.

The citizens of Glasgow are likewise miles ahead of those in Edinburgh when it comes to supporting its many acts and performances, which are spread across the many venues there.

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Furthermore, Glasgow’s cultural scene rolls out throughout the year with its own citizens enthusiastic in attendance, whereas Edinburgh has focused on a highly profiled summer holiday glut dependent on visitors, then comparatively disappears.

Consistent local patronage and the wide variety of venues in Glasgow are indicative of the enthusiasm and co-operative involvement in support of the many and varied cultural happenings, large and small, which happen in that city. It’s a fact. What’s special about Edinburgh is that it’s too special.

Douglas Hogg